How to Make Canned Cherry Pie Filling Taste Better

how to make cherry pie filling taste better

Homemade cherry pie reminds most of us of a better time in our lives. For some, their childhoods, for others, the last time they ate a cherry pie! These terrific pastries are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and have the added advantage of including fruit, thus the reason for their worldwide renown. Some people would have cherry pie every day if they could, but certain factors, like having the necessary ingredients on hand and, most importantly, the time to bring them all together, pose a great challenge.


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How to Make Canned Cherry Pie Filling Taste Better

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Luckily, grocery stores have a variety of pre-made pie crusts available (different sizes, thicknesses, flavors, and pie dough types) and, more importantly, different pre-made cherry pie fillings too! The cans they often come in are filled with sweet syrup and pitted cherries prepared in various ways, like soaked in the syrup as soon as they were picked to partially dehydrated cherries, which are then drenched in the succulent syrup.

Unfortunately, even for your pre-made cherry pie filling of choice, you can find that there’s a little something missing, from taste to texture. Don’t give up on enjoying this delicious dessert, but instead, try some of these tips to cheer up your canned cherry pie filling. Keep reading to learn how to make canned cherry pie filling taste better.


Sweet Sensation

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Most cherry pie fillings already come (slightly) sweet and tangy, but there are sugar-free and low-sugar options that still pack great taste. If these are some of your favorite types, or you feel what you like doesn’t get to your sweet tooth, try adding in some sweeteners. You could go natural by adding honey, which doesn’t compromise the viscous consistency of most cherry syrups. Compliment the cherry content by combining the cherry filling with jam or cherry jelly. Mixing in brown or white sugar will get the job done as well. Experiment with different syrups as well, such as maple or agave syrup. A little almond extract is delicious in cherry pie.


Nice Spice

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Give a twist to your cherry pie filling by adding your selection of spices to it. The great thing about spices is that there is such a large variety to choose from to fit any taste and/or preference. Some of the most popular spices to put in pastries include cinnamon, allspice, and cloves, all of which grant a distinguished depth of flavor. Add your spice (or spice mix) to the filling and heat in a saucepan before placing it on the crust.


The Berry Basics

Cherry pie filling is (obviously) made from cherries. Sometimes, you find the cherries aren’t as many as you would have liked. No problem, as you can get some more from your local grocery store and add them to the filling to emphasize that cherry goodness. Be sure to get pitted cherries.

Small sweet succulent fruits also make a great replacement for fresh cherries, such as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. They are sure to open up new dimensions of taste, thanks to the flavors they bring to your cherry pie filling.


Fruity Feeling for the Filling

Instead of berries, you can also try adding pieces of your favorite fruit to your cherry pie filling for a different flavor. Pineapples are a favorite when it comes to complementing the filling in cherry pies. Both pineapples and cherries are sweet and slightly tart, which means that the two go very well together. Fresh pineapple also brings in an assortment of vitamins, boosting the nutritional value of this tasty treat. Peeled grapes and litchi make for an interesting flavor combo, too, so go ahead and try an assortment of your favorite fruits and see which goes well in your cherry pie.


Go Nuts

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Give your cherry pie filling a crunch by adding crushed or whole nuts. Nuts have an added advantage in that they absorb both flavor and moisture easily-especially when in a heated liquid, which in this case is cherry syrup. When moist, they may not have so much of a crunch but still yield their flavors to the syrup, giving it a nutty depth. Nuts also make for a great topping too, when sprinkled over your serving of pie.


Creamy Smoothness

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To make your cherry pie filling a bit slicker and thicker, consider adding any of these three ingredients: butter-preferably melted, sweet cheeses, and cream. Add them to the filling, whether when heating or while serving (depending on your preference), to experience a lush smoothness in your cherry pie. They have a high percentage of fats and/or oils, which gives the filling a glossy sheen. Try melting the cheese and butter in a saucepan, then mix in with the cherry pie filling to bring out their flavor, while cream can be mixed in at room temperature or dolloped on top of your piece of pie. They go the extra mile by making your piece of pie more filling too.


Make it Thicker

Sometimes, all you need to make your cherry pie canned filling taste better is to make it thicker. If your favorite filling feels too syrupy, feel free to add a thickening agent such as cornstarch, flour, or tapioca. Remember to add some sugar to the cornstarch to avoid it taking on a chalky taste. Another way to make it thicker is to let the cherry pie filling gently simmer in a saucepan, releasing its moisture as it heats up. You can also add some extra cherries to thicken it up. Thawed frozen cherries work great.


How to Make Canned Cherry Pie Filling Taste Better

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Try these suggestions as they are or in combination, and see what really turns your cherry pie filling into something amazing. For a better start, do select good quality ingredients to make your pie from, i.e., the pie crust, base, and of course, the canned pie filling. Try out the ready array of accompaniments and toppings to enjoy your cherry pie with, such as chocolate sauce or melted chocolate, chocolate sprinkles, fruits including canned fruit (as a side), or your favorite ice cream.



How long does cherry pie last in the fridge?

Cherry pie can last in the fridge for 3-4 days if stored properly in an airtight container.


How many calories in a slice of cherry pie?

Every pie is different, but on average, a slice of cherry pie contains approximately 390 calories.


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