How to Make Canned French Style Green Beans Taste Good

How to Make Canned French Style Green Beans Taste Good

French style green beans are so nostalgic. Everyone has fond memories of mom serving this bean to them as a child and themselves as a child avoiding them at all costs! No longer, not with the help of these tricks to show you how to make canned French style green beans taste good!

French style green beans are an absolute classic. This hardy plant has been eaten for centuries for its healthy vegetable benefits, but the canned variety can use a little glow-up. This guide is full of tips and tricks to help you cook canned French style beans in a way that will knock your socks off! Get ready for canned French style green beans that taste so good that you actually want to eat them!

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What are Canned French Style Green Beans?

All canned green beans are produced by picking the freshest ones at the season’s peak, then cooking them, and canning them to preserve their natural freshness. Packaging this produce in a can allows for a much greater shelf-life, plus the beans are fully cooked and ready to use when they reach the consumer.

The French style refers to how the beans are cut. This style of green bean is cut lengthwise down the middle. It is preferred by some because the thinly sliced beans heat up quickly and make an elegant presentation.

Green beans are healthy and low in calories. Green beans are high in calcium, iron, and potassium. They also pack plenty of fiber into every can of French style green beans.


How to Cook Canned French Style Green Beans

 How to Make Canned French Style Green Beans Taste Good

The beauty of buying canned vegetables is that they are pre-cooked and ready to eat as-is or with a little warm-up. Here is how to heat canned French style green beans:


On the Stove

  1. Open the can, place a small saucepan over low heat, and dump the beans into the saucepan.
  2. Heat for up to 8 minutes, occasionally stirring until all the beans are evenly heated. Enjoy them while they are warm.


In the Microwave

  1. Open the can, and dump the contents into a microwave-safe container with a microwave-safe lid. Cover and place in the microwave.
  2. Heat for up to 2 minutes at the standard setting. It is a good idea to pause the microwave and occasionally stir as microwaves are prone to uneven heating. Enjoy the green beans while they are warm.


How to Make Canned French Style Green Beans Taste Good

Expand your culinary horizons with these yummy ideas on how to make canned French style green beans taste good!


Bring on the Bacon

Believe it or not, many people think bacon makes everything better, and they may be right! Well, they’re right when it comes to canned green beans, at least. Adding pre-cooked bacon to warm French style green beans is just the right amount of fat and salt for the green beans.

Another great way to introduce bacon to French style green beans is by cooking the bacon, pulling it from the pan, then cooking the green beans in that same pan. The fat of the bacon will render and turn the beans into a sweet, fatty, and salty treat. Toss the cooked bacon back in at the end of the cook for a wonderfully comforting side dish.


Beautify with Butter

It may sound simple, but a little butter can work wonders for French style green beans. While warming them up on the stove or after heating them in the microwave, add a pat or two of butter to the bean. This adds a bit of creamy fat that goes so well with the french veggie flavor of canned French style green beans.


Sizzle with Spices

Spices can make or break a meal. Adding a few choice spices to your canned French style green beans can be just the trick to take the flavor to another level. Fresh ground pepper is a great choice for green beans, but you can be as creative as you wish.


Style up a Stir-Fry

Make your standard stir-fry and toss some French style green beans in. They are the perfect size and flavor for stir-frying. Their thin cut allows them to heat quickly in the perfect stir-fry style. Use a delicious stir-fry sauce to complete the dish.


Make it Meaty

Nothing pairs with green beans like beautifully cooked meat. Pair your hot canned French style green beans with a gorgeous steak for an at-home restaurant-quality meal. The thin slice of the beans will look perfectly fancy and delicious! Serving warm green beans on the side of rich meat like steak, pork chops, chicken breast, or salmon is a truly gourmet idea for the canned beans, but they can certainly rise to the occasion!


Go Nuts

Green beans and nuts are old friends. Topping your warm French style green beans with toasted nuts adds both crunch and flavor to the dish. Toasted almonds are perfect for this trick, but peanuts are a close second. Just sprinkle some sliced roasted nuts on top of the finished plate for an elegant display!


Are Canned French Style Green Beans Keto-Friendly?

Yes! These fun veggies are totally fine for anyone eating a keto diet.


Final Thoughts

Canned French style green beans are an inexpensive and easy way to get everyone to eat their vegetables, but they need a little doctoring to taste their best. This guide can set you free to make the best green beans of your life! Use one tip or more to help make this green veggie shine. Get creative and let your imagination loose while trying out new ways to make canned French style green beans taste good!


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