How to Make Nachos with Doritos and Ground Beef

How to Make Nachos with Doritos and Ground Beef

Picture this…it’s game day, and you need a snack that takes things to the next level. For the ultimate crowd-pleaser, nachos are the way to go. But to get it to that legendary status, you need to use Doritos as your base. Keep reading to learn how to make nachos with Doritos and ground beef.

Why Use Doritos to Make Nachos?

flamin hot cool ranch Doritos

Doritos already come dusted with flavor, which steps up your nacho game in an instant. While the original nacho cheese flavor is most certainly the best for nachos, don’t be shy about experimenting with other flavors. The spicy nacho flavor would work as well for those that really like to bring the heat.

And yes, you can safely put Doritos in an oven. Keeping the temperature between 350F and 375F is ideal to prevent them from burning.


How to Make Nachos with Doritos

Nachos made with Doritos are perhaps one of the greatest snacks you’ll ever present to family and friends. You can keep it simple with Doritos, ground beef, and cheese, but why stop there?

Here’s how to make your nachos with Doritos an epic culinary creation that will win the day (even if your team tanks).


– Add Meat

taco seasoning

Ground beef is definitely the first choice for most nacho toppings. If you’re going this route, make sure you brown the beef in a skillet before adding it to the baking tray with your Doritos. Taco seasoning would be great, but if you don’t have any handy, you can season the beef with garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, smoked paprika, onion powder, oregano, and salt and pepper.

Not a beef fan? Try it with chicken or pork. Leftover rotisserie chicken is awesome for this purpose, or if you’ve made pork carnitas, you can shred that on top of your Doritos. You can also use ground turkey, ground chicken, or chorizo. And if you don’t eat meat, no worries! You can leave it off.


– Go for Beans

black beans for nachos

Whether you eat meat or not, beans are another way to add protein, texture, and flavor to your pile of Doritos nachos for a crowd. Black beans, pinto beans, or refried beans will make your nachos a heartier option.


– Bring in the Cooked Veggies

No one can say you don’t eat enough veggies when you add them to your nachos! You can sauté up some onions and peppers and throw them on top. Roasted corn is another fun option for your Doritos nachos. These will all create another layer of flavor that contrasts with your meats and beans.



Ah, cheese, the thing that binds your nachos together in harmony. Choose cheeses that have good melting powers but don’t get the shredded stuff. It’s best to get the blocks of cheese so you can shred your Colby Jack, Pepper Jack, or whatever else you’ve got. Without the caking agents, these will melt superbly onto your bed of Doritos.


– Add Avocado

guacamole for nachos

There’s something about rich and creamy avocado that pairs beautifully with nachos. And for Doritos nachos, you totally want it if you’re an avocado fan. You can cube the avocados up or make guacamole and drop blobs of it all along the top.


– Throw on Raw Veggies for Contrast

In addition to cooked veggie options, you can round out the flavors and presentation of your Doritos nachos by adding raw veggies on top. Slices of jalapeno are great for pops of spice. Chopped red onions and scallions add the perfect bite. You can also add olives, diced tomatoes, or slices of radishes. Throw on a little fresh cilantro, too, for a pretty garnish that boosts the flavors of your nachos with Doritos and ground beef.


– Just Say ‘Salsa’

salsa for nachos

Make it fresh or grab it from the store, but make sure you add salsa. You can choose from mild, medium, or hot while adding more intensity to these nachos. It also makes your creation more colorful.


– Cool It Down with Sour Cream

bowls for nacho toppings

Sour cream adds that lovely tang to your Doritos nachos. It’s a nice cooling ingredient, too, balancing out the spices in the dish.


Tips for Making the Best Nachos with Doritos and Ground Beef

How to Make Nachos with Doritos and Ground Beef

The best thing about Doritos nachos is that you can make them in so many ways that they can be unique every time. You can add as much or as few toppings as you want too. That said, these tips will help ensure they come out as a winner every time!


– Build It On a Sheet Pan

You’ll definitely have an easier time heating and serving your Doritos nachos if you use a lined sheet pan for the job. And if you’re planning on having a large crowd, use two sheet pans to ensure there’s enough for everyone since these will go quickly!


– Make Them in Layers

Before you heat the Doritos nachos in your oven, you should create them in layers. This ensures the Doritos are all coated with meat, cheese, beans, and other toppings. No one wants to clear the first layer and find it’s just chips left at the bottom.


– Have Fun with Flavors

spicy sweet chili Doritos

While the original nacho flavor is a can’t-miss option for nachos made with Doritos, any flavor can be used for making this snacktacular treat!


– Set Up a Garnish Station

For smaller gatherings like a fun family dinner, it might be easier to pile everything on top and serve. But for larger gatherings, you may want to set out the additional toppings so everyone can serve themselves Doritos nachos with the toppings they like best.

In fact, having a make-your-own-nachos bar sounds pretty amazing. You could top them in different ways each time you clear your plate.

Ultimately though, having a massive platter of Doritos nachos is the way to go for parties and gatherings. It’s the ultimate food for grazing, with an array of contrasting textures and flavors to excite your palate!


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