How to Sweeten Green Tea

How to Sweeten Green Tea

Green tea is a great drink, but it can be a little harsh for many people in its purest form. There are many ways to tone down the taste of green tea using different sweeteners and flavors. In this post, we’ll discuss how to sweeten green tea.


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Best Sweeteners to Add to Your Green Tea



A close look at tea being prepared with honey.

Honey can be used as a sweetening agent for pretty much all types of teas, but it works especially well with green tea. You’ll need to add it after mixing your dried green tea in water. Make sure that you add it in moderation; otherwise, it’ll dominate the natural refreshing taste of green tea.


Table Sugar

A wooden bowl of sugar along with sugar cubes.

Using table sugar is arguably the easiest way to sweeten your green tea. It’s one of the most commonly used sweetening agents used worldwide for teas and coffees, and it goes well with green tea. However, using too much table sugar can be harmful to your health.


Brown Sugar

Using brown sugar is another great way to sweeten your green tea. Not only does it make your green tea sweet, but it also adds a toffee-like deep caramel flavor. You can use this sweetening agent in your green tea if you like to avoid consuming table sugar.



box of Stevia

If you want something natural that doesn’t add up to your daily calorie intake, then you can’t go wrong with stevia. It’s a natural sweetener that can be used to sweeten your green tea.


Maple Syrup

A close look at a maple syrup being spooned off a small glass.

You can also use maple syrup in your green tea but keep in mind that it’ll alter the overall taste to some extent. The best thing about this sweetener is that it’s readily available and super affordable, and if you like its taste, then it can be your best option.


Oat Milk

A jar of fresh oat milk.

Oat milk is a great non-dairy alternative that you can use to sweeten your green tea, as it pairs surprisingly well. It comes with a very similar taste to cow’s milk and offers an oat-like aftertaste.


Soy Milk

carton of soy milk

If you want your green tea to provide you with more energy, then consider using soy milk as a sweetener. It’s loaded with vitamin B-12 and protein and also contains calcium, potassium, and vitamin A. It offers a vegetable-like taste and also elevates your mood.


Nut Milk

A glass of almond milk.

If you prefer a tropical and nutty taste, then you can use different nut milk types such as coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, macadamia nut milk, and so on. These kinds of milk add less intense flavor to your green tea, and they’re also beneficial to your health.


Coconut Sugar

bag of coconut sugar

It’s not a commonly used sweetener but coconut sugar can be used in green tea. It offers a subtle sweet taste similar to brown sugar. It also makes your green tea a little smoother.


Agave Syrup

bottle of agave

It’s one of the strongest sweeteners that you can use in your green tea. It comes in different flavors, and only a little amount of agave syrup can go a very long way. Make sure that you use it in moderation because of its higher sugar content.


Date Sugar

bag of date sugar

It’s one of the best ways to sweeten your green tea. Date sugar blends nicely with green tea and offers a strong caramel flavor. This sweetener is loaded with antioxidants.

Using date syrup also produces somewhat the same results, and the best thing about these sweeteners is that they improve your digestion.


Cane Sugar

bag of cane sugar

It’s a more raw and less processed version of table sugar that offers less sugar content per serving. Not only does it make cane sugar healthier, but it also offers a comforting aroma that improves the taste of your green tea.


Monk Fruit

bag of monk fruit sweetener

Monk fruit is yet another sweetener for you if you’re concerned about your calorie intake. It comes with zero carbohydrates, zero sugar, and zero calories but still offers a strong flavor. It also offers antioxidants that are beneficial to your overall health, and it can be your best option to sweeten your green tea.



How much caffeine is in green tea?

A regular cup of green tea has around 30-50 mg of caffeine. However, some types of green tea can have as little as 15 mg of caffeine per cup, while others have up to 75 mg or more. Always check the label of your green tea for the accurate amount of caffeine.


How long to steep green tea?

The steeping time for green tea falls within the range of one to three minutes based on your taste preference and the tea blend. A good rule of thumb is to sample your tea after each minute of steeping so you can find your perfect strength of green tea.


What does green tea taste like?

The flavor profile of green tea has a medley of notes like nuttiness and vegetal flavors. It also has an infusion of floral hints and tropical fruit accents.


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