17 Things You Didn’t Know About Seasons 52

Table setting at a fine dining restaurant.

In today’s day and age, where eating out at a restaurant has become so increasingly common, it takes more than just good food and wine to pick a dine-out place. American food chains ensure that they provide their customers with a wholesome experience so that they never stop coming back to them.

Out of the hundreds and thousands of restaurants in the United States, only a few are able to stand out. These places provide a more-than-meets-the-eye dining experience which helps them rank higher in the list of the best restaurants in town. One of these American social and dining hubs is none other than Seasons 52!

Chances are that you have heard of this eatery, but still, don’t know much about it. That’s why, in this article, we’ll discuss the top 17 things that you probably didn’t know about this amazing wine bar before.

Time to increase your knowledge!

1. Offers a Delightful Seasonal Menu to their CustomersAutumn Vegetables and Cooking Preparation

If you are someone who prefers to eat what is in season, head over to the nearest branch of Seasons 52 now! Their menu consists of appetizing dishes which are prepared from fruits and veggies of the season only.

This means that they have something fresh and unique to offer every season. So, keep an eye on their menu. You never know which of your favorite dish might pop up!

2. They Have a Menu for AllWaitress Setting a Table

It is always frustrating when a menu doesn’t have anything in line with your food preferences. That’s one thing you won’t have to struggle with whilst dining at Seasons 52.

The versatile food and wine bar boast four specialty menus (Gluten-Sensitive, Vegetarian, Lactose/Dairy Sensitive, and Vegan) which are available seven days a week.

3. Serves 100% Fresh FoodFresh Mix of Veggies for vegetarians

Seasons 52 swears by 100% fresh food so you can expect the meals to be totally crisp and unspoiled.

The chefs make it a point to never use stored fruits and vegetables as they take away the real goodness from the food. Whole produce comes every day and is used to prepare delicious food out of it.

4. You can Enjoy Happy Hours 5 Days a WeekHappy friends drinking and toasting beer

Pick any day from Monday to Friday and stop by Seasons 52 for a fun happy hour. You will be instantly attracted to the fun, cool vibes of the place and will love spending some quality time in there with your pals.

Your happy hour will become the happiest when you try their mouthwatering flatbreads along with high-quality wine, beer, and tasty cocktails!

5. You can Book Their Special Dining Rooms for Your Special EventsPeople at a dining table toasting with their wine glasses.

One of the best things about Seasons 52 is that it invites you to have a good time with your loved ones in a comfortable fashion. From cozy chef’s tables to semi-private dining rooms to private spaces, you can enjoy both good food and good company in a relaxed and special atmosphere.

Whether you want to book their appointed rooms for a get-together with friends or a major wedding/corporate event, go ahead and get the reservation now for their open tables.

6. The Bar Menu is Too Good to Ignore

Toasting cocktails

If you love trying out different cocktail flavors, seasonal beverages, brandies, beers, and other types of drinks, Seasons 52 is the ultimate go-to place to satisfy your liquor craving.

You will be amazed by their extensive bar menu, making it hard for you to choose the drink!

7. Lip-Smacking Entrees on the MenuFresh artichokes

If the main course isn’t good, it is likely that you won’t visit the food place again.

For a satisfying lunch, you can always order their special chicken and artichoke on wood-grilled bread. Prepared from super healthy arugulas, roasted tomato tapenades, and tahini yogurt, the dish is the perfect definition of what your entrée should look like.

8. Offers a Wide Range of Scrumptious Mini IndulgencesA slice of pie with a fork on a desert plate.

A dinner is incomplete without a nice, fulfilling dessert, right? Try Seasons 52’s heavenly Mini Indulgences and forget all your worries for the time being!

Some delectable desserts to try are key lime pie, pecan pie, peanut butter torte, strawberry rhubarb cheesecake, Bailey’s Irish cream.

9. Customer Gets to Select Entrees Under Just $20!Yummy chicken flatbread

And that too with a glass of wine or cocktail! Sounds awesome, no?

The menu of Seasons 52 features 10 remarkable entrees to choose from. Pick your favorite and don’t forget to pair it up with a tasty glass of wine and cocktail. These are the entrees that people come for from faraway places. Yes, they are that good!

Some of the most suggested entrees include the brick oven-Roasted all-natural half chicken, wood grilled pork tenderloin, and gnocchi with spiced cauliflower florets, almond granola, and tomato pesto.

10. Their Flatbreads Are Famous All Over the CountryYummy chicken flatbread

If you haven’t tried their flatbreads yet, you should as soon as possible!

Whether you go for their flavorsome pesto chicken and fresh mozzarella, spring vegetable and parmesan, or lobster and fresh mozzarella cheese, you won’t be disappointed.

Each of their flatbreads is packed with cheese and oodles of distinctive flavors that will satisfy your taste buds in a bite!

11. Starters are a Must Try!

Tasty lobster ravioli

Order one of the many fabulous appetizers at this fabulous wine bar and kick start your appetite, like never before.

Customers get to choose amazing starters from a wide range of enjoyable options. Our top favorite ones include the grilled artichokes with preserved lemon hummus and veggies like celery hearts, green olives, and radishes; whole roasted cauliflower; wood-grilled avocado toasts; lump crab cake; lobster ravioli with shiitake mushrooms; and ahi tuna tartare.

12. You Can Warm Up Your Winter Days with Their Hearty SoupsSoup with Lobsters and Herbs

A welcoming delight on chilling winter days is none other than a bowl of heart and soul warming soup. Seasons 52 is opened all winters to warm up your freezing cold days.

Stop by their humble place and order their thick lobster bisque, hearty black bean, and bacon, or super healthy split pea and kale. Bring along your children as well. They will be as delighted as you!

13. Have Excellent Salad Options for Health-Conscious LotOrganic Salad Sitting on a Restaurant Table

Salads are a healthy food choice which is why people with a strict diet plan prefer to have them regularly. But salads needn’t have to be boring; if you are on the lookout for healthy yet yummy salads, visit Seasons 52 today.

Their Romaine and Kale Caesar packed with parmesan croutons and ricotta is tasty to a whole new level. Another great salad option is California Golden beets which have nourishing ingredients like toasted pistachios and micro basil. Field greens is another salad which is 100% organic and healthy as it contains nuts and veggies only.

14. An Ideal Place for Seafood Lovers

Tasty Lobster Ravioli

Every seafood lover who has visited this eatery and tried out their juicy, flavorful fish has nothing but good things to say about their excellent atmosphere and seafood.

If you are confused what to try from their broad array of fish, we’ll recommend caramelized grilled sea scallops as the crisp scallop is served with yummy roasted garlic broccolini and gooey goat cheese risotto.

15. Has Complimentary Valet ParkingValet parking

Seasons 52 has appointed valets for the convenience of their customers. Hand over your car key to the valet and skip the headache of parking altogether!

16. Gift Cards are also AvailableChef preparing a dish.

Surprise your loved ones with a Seasons 52 e-card or gift card and make their special day more special! These cards can be given on a holiday season, birthdays, etc.

17. Located In a Number of States

Seasons 52 at the Galleria Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Don’t you hate it when your favorite restaurant doesn’t have its branch in your home state? Even if it operates in your city, it is, sadly, not located in as many places as you would like it. But with Seasons 52, you won’t have to worry about this issue.

Luckily, the wine bar is situated in plenty of small and big states of the United States such as Alabama, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, California, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, and lots more.

There is no reason that should stop you from enjoying the amazing dining experience at Seasons 52. So, reserve a table and drop by with your loved ones today!

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