15 Super Quick and Pretty Healthy Rotisserie Chicken Meals

Rotisserie Chicken

Have you heard of one of the very best-kept secrets for whipping up quick and healthy meals? It’s a store-bought rotisserie chicken  — yes, the kind you can buy in the deli section of your grocery store for between $5 and $7.

The rotisserie chicken comes already cooked, seasoned, and ready to go.  All you need to do is remove the skin and pull the meat off for shredding. The average rotisserie chicken produces about four cups of shredded cooked chicken, so you will probably have enough for a few meals from one chicken.


15 Super Quick and Pretty Healthy Rotisserie Chicken Meals

Rotisserie Chicken Burrito Bowl

A Chicken Burrito Bowl is a super hearty meal you can enjoy for lunch or dinner. Simply add some cooked brown rice to a bowl. Saute some peppers and onions and add to the bowl. Top with shredded chicken. Add additional toppings like avocado, black beans, cheese, salsa, or sour cream.


Buffalo Chicken Salad

How about a Buffalo Chicken Salad for a quick lunch? Mix some shredded chicken with your favorite sauce. Place the chicken on a bed of greens. Top with some blue cheese crumbles.


Rotisserie Barbecue Chicken Pizza

If you are craving pizza, this Barbecue Chicken Pizza is absolutely delicious. Mix some shredded chicken with your favorite barbecue sauce. Top a low-carb tortilla with the chicken mixture and some mozzarella cheese. Add some red onion and other veggies you like. Bake at 350 degrees until the cheese has melted.


Mexican Pizza

Still craving pizza? How about a Mexican Pizza?! Heat some refried beans on the stove. In another bowl, warm up some shredded chicken and salsa in the microwave. Toast some flour tortillas on the stove for a few minutes on each side. Top the tortillas with the refried beans and chicken mixture. Top with another tortilla. Spread a thin layer of enchilada sauce on the top tortilla and sprinkle with shredded Mexican cheese. Bake for five to seven minutes at 350 degrees until the cheese has melted.


Spicy Ranch Chicken and Cheese Stuffed Baked Potatoes

If you like baked potatoes, you will love Spicy Ranch Chicken and Cheese Stuffed Baked Potatoes. Simply bake some russet potatoes. Mix some shredded chicken with softened cream cheese, butter, ranch seasoning, and hot sauce. Open up the cooked potatoes and stuff them with the chicken mixture. Top with some shredded cheese and put back in the oven until the cheese has melted.


Rotisserie Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocados

You have stuffed a potato. How about stuffing an avocado? For Rotisserie Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocados, simply halve an avocado and remove the seed. Scoop out about ¼ of the flesh from each half and set it aside. Mix some shredded chicken with mayonnaise, chopped onion, chopped celery, and mashed avocado. Scoop the chicken salad into the avocado halves and season with salt and pepper.


Rotisserie Chicken Penne Alfredo

If you are craving a little comfort food, this Chicken Penne Alfredo dish is just what you need. Cook some penne pasta and drain. Steam some fresh broccoli or heat some from frozen in the microwave. Heat the alfredo sauce. Top the pasta with shredded chicken, broccoli, and alfredo sauce.


Salsa Chicken Grilled Cheese

Salsa Chicken Grilled Cheese is the upgraded version of a classic grilled cheese. Mix some shredded chicken with some salsa. Heat a skillet and butter on one side of two pieces of bread. Top one slice of bread with the chicken mixture and a slice of cheese, and add to the skillet buttered side down. Top with another slice of bread, buttered side up. Cook until the cheese has melted and the bottom is golden brown. Flip and cook the other side.


Baked Rotisserie Chicken Nachos

These Baked Chicken Nachos make a great snack during that big game! Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place some tortilla chips on a baking dish. Mix some shredded chicken and salsa. Top the tortilla chips with the chicken mixture, black beans, and shredded cheese. Bake the nachos for about 20 minutes or until the cheese has melted.


Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches will become the new quick go-to favorite in your home. Simply mix some shredded chicken with your favorite barbecue sauce and heat. Add this mixture to some toasted buns and serve.


Veggie Hummus and Chicken Bowl

If you need a quick grab-and-go lunch, this Veggie Hummus and Chicken Bowl will become your new fave. Add some cooked brown rice to a bowl. Top with some cut-up cucumbers and bell peppers, and shredded chicken. Serve this bowl with a side of your favorite hummus.


Rotisserie Chicken Stir Fry

Create a delicious Chicken Stir Fry by sauteing some broccoli and other vegetables of your choice together. When the vegetables have softened, add the shredded chicken. Add some soy sauce. Serve all over a bed of brown rice.


Chicken Taquitos

Chicken Taquitos

Chicken Taquitos are another great snack for the big game or late at night. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Mix some softened cream cheese, ranch dressing, and buffalo sauce until smooth. Mix in some shredded chicken. Add a dollop of this mixture to each tortilla and roll-up. Bake for about 10 minutes or so.


Shredded Chicken for a Salad Bar

Shredded chicken is also great for a make-ahead salad bar. Simply prep your lettuce and veggies ahead of time and place them in individual containers. When you are ready for your salad, simply top your greens with the veggies of your choice, shredded chicken, some cheese, and your favorite dressing.


BBQ Chicken Pasta

If you have an appetite for pasta, you will love the BBQ Chicken Pasta. Cook some rotini pasta and drain. Saute some sliced onion with a little garlic until the onion has softened. Add some shredded chicken, diced tomatoes, barbecue sauce, and cheese to the pan with the onions. Add the pasta to the pan and cook until all have heated through.


Fasted Meal Ever

Split the rotisserie chicken up into pieces and serve with a few sides. Voila!  As you can see, you can make many quick and easy meals with rotisserie chicken. And for a fraction of the takeout cost, most of these meals can be whipped up in 15 minutes or less. Keep the staples like barbecue sauce, brown rice, dried pasta, hot sauce, and salsa on hand, and you will be well-equipped to make a fantastic meal in no time.


Calories Per Meal Calculator

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Can you freeze rotisserie chicken?

Yes, you can! So, stock up on those rotisserie chickens.

How to Freeze the Whole Chicken

  1. Cool it down: Allow the rotisserie chicken to cool down to room temperature before freezing. This prevents the formation of ice crystals, which can affect the texture.
  2. Wrap it well: Wrap the whole chicken in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Make sure there are no gaps or air pockets to prevent freezer burn and maintain the quality of the chicken.
  3. Store in a freezer bag: Place the wrapped chicken in a gallon-sized resealable freezer bag. Squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing the bag.
  4. Label and date: Use a permanent marker to write the date and contents on the bag, so you can keep track of how long it has been stored.
  5. Freeze: Lay the bag flat in the freezer to save space and allow for even freezing.

Portion-based Freezing

  1. Cool it down: Just like the Quick Freeze method, let the chicken cool to room temperature.
  2. Debone and portion: Remove the meat from the bones and divide it into your desired portion sizes. Smaller portions will thaw more quickly and make it more convenient to use.
  3. Wrap individual portions: Wrap each portion in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, making sure there are no gaps or air pockets.
  4. Place in freezer bags: Put the wrapped portions in gallon-sized resealable freezer bags. You can also use smaller quart-sized bags if you have smaller portions.
  5. Label and date: Label the bags with the date and contents.
  6. Freeze: Place the bags in the freezer, laying them flat for even freezing and easy storage.


How to defrost and reheat frozen rotisserie chicken

Defrosting Process

To defrost your frozen rotisserie chicken, follow these steps for the best results:

  1. Remove packaging: Take the chicken out of the freezer and remove any plastic wrapping or packaging.
  2. Refrigerator method: Place the chicken in a container or on a plate and put it in your refrigerator. Allow it to defrost for about 24 hours or until fully thawed. This method helps maintain the chicken’s quality and ensures even defrosting.
  3. Cold water method: If you need to speed up the process, place the packaged chicken in a leak-proof, sealed container or bag. Submerge it in cold water, changing the water every 30 minutes to maintain a consistent temperature. The chicken should be defrosted in around 2-3 hours, depending on its size.

Reheating Instructions

Once your rotisserie chicken is fully defrosted, follow these reheating instructions for a delicious and tender meal:

  • Oven: Preheat your oven to 350°F. Place the chicken in an oven-safe dish and cover it with aluminum foil. Reheat for 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken, until the internal temperature reaches 165°F. Use a meat thermometer to verify the temperature. Optional: Remove the foil during the last 5 minutes for crispier skin.
  • Microwave: Place the chicken pieces in a microwave-safe dish, making sure they’re not overlapping. Cover the dish with a microwave-safe lid or damp paper towel to keep the chicken moist. Reheat on medium power for 2 minutes, then check the temperature and adjust the time accordingly. Continue reheating in 1-minute intervals until warm.


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