How to Make Jiffy Cornbread Better Than the Box and Taste Homemade

How to Make Jiffy Cornbread Better

Jiffy Cornbread is an iconic brand you’ll find on most supermarket shelves. Chances are, you’ve got a box of it in your pantry for when that hankering for cornbread strikes. It’s a beloved staple that your mom and grandma have likely been making for ages and something you make now too.

However, this boxed cornbread tends to get a bit dry and crumbly. If you want your cornbread to have that moist texture and plenty of flavor, you’ve got to do a few things to help it along.

It’s a great base to work with, but if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you can turn a box of Jiffy cornbread into a masterpiece. The kind of masterpiece that has everyone begging you for your recipe at your next backyard barbecue.

Whether you want to make Jiffy cornbread for your family tonight or want to share it at a gathering, this post will show you how to make Jiffy cornbread better!


Simple Ways You Can Make Jiffy Cornbread Better 

Jiffy Cornbread mix

When you look at your box of Jiffy cornbread, it requires you to add one egg and 1/3 cup of milk to the mix. At 400F, you’re supposed to bake it for 20 minutes. Following the box exactly, you may wonder where you went wrong, for it can have a plain taste and dry texture.

Naturally, everyone will heap on the butter to make up for it. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if your Jiffy cornbread mix came out with that super-moist texture? Yes, it would! That’s why these little tips and tricks will help you elevate this box of basic cornbread mix into something extraordinary.


Make Sure Your Ingredients are at Room Temperature

The first step when making Jiffy cornbread better is to take your egg and milk and let them sit out a bit. Ingredients that are at room temperature will incorporate more evenly with the mix, resulting in better cornbread.


Use Cooking Spray

Cornbread loves to stick to the bottom of pans. It really does, and the only way around it is to use cooking spray and plenty of it. Don’t be shy! It will help you get perfectly-presentable cornbread out of your baking pan.


Give it Time to Rest

Look, we know how heavenly cornbread smells when it’s baking. It’s like a siren song for your nostrils. Once you pull it out of the oven, it is so difficult to resist digging right into this divine pan of pleasure. However, we beg of you to please wait. Allowing your cornbread to cool down for at least 20 minutes in the pan will keep it from crumbling apart when you cut it. If you want those perfect squares of cornbread, be patient and wait. It will be worth it!


Try it in a Cast Iron Skillet

Another great way to make your Jiffy cornbread is by baking it in your cast iron skillet. Because cast iron retains the flavors and seasoning from each usage prior, it can impart this authentic flavor into your cornbread and make it better. You should make sure to lightly grease your cast iron skillet too. You can use butter or oil for that step, and best of all, you can use the other cool hacks for making Jiffy cornbread better that follow below for the ultimate homemade taste!


Keep it from Going Crumbly

The one thing that really ruins cornbread is when it comes out with a crumbly texture. Why does this happen? It’s because there’s not enough moisture in this mixture. It also happens because you bake it for too long. You should check it before the 20 minutes are up on the bake time so it doesn’t dry out.

What you want to watch for is that the cornbread should be just starting to brown on the top. When you see that, get it out of there. Then, let it rest in the pan for at least 20 minutes before you cut it into those cute little squares.

As for adding more moisture to the mix, we have some excellent solutions for that below to help you make the best Jiffy cornbread you’ve ever made!


Make Your Jiffy Cornbread Better by Making it Moister

If you’ve made Jiffy cornbread before, it’s very likely you found it to be too dry. But with the addition of a few simple things, you can fix that and make your best Jiffy cornbread ever!



Add Butter or Oil

bowl of butter for baking

Your box of Jiffy cornbread only tells you to add milk and an egg. But the secret to getting the most moist cornbread out of this box is to add in either vegetable oil or butter. A tablespoon should suffice for either option.

If you go with butter, make sure you melt it first before adding it to the mix. And whether you add the oil or butter to your Jiffy cornbread mix, once it finishes baking and starts cooling, adding lots of butter on top is a surefire way to make your cornbread taste amazing.


Use Sour Cream

Before you turn up your nose, let us ask you this…have you ever had a sour cream-based donut? If so, then you know. If not, well, you are missing out. Sour cream delivers richer, creamier cornbread results. Plus, it adds a slight tang to enhance what’s there without making it taste weird. Add half a cup of sour cream when you use one box of Jiffy cornbread mix.


Don’t Hold the Mayo

Mayonnaise is another secret ingredient that can elevate that plain ol’ box of Jiffy cornbread mix. It works much like sour cream does to add more moisture and texture to your final creation.

What’s great about mayonnaise is that it is made from eggs and oil. This adds a special richness, and while it will enhance the flavor, it won’t taste like mayonnaise. In fact, if you add it and everyone says, “OMG, why is this cornbread so moist and delicious?” and then you tell them you added mayonnaise, their eyebrows will probably pop off their heads.

As for measurements, go with half a cup of mayonnaise when making one box of Jiffy cornbread.


Go the Greek Route

bowl of Greek yogurt

If the thought of sour cream or mayo creeps you out, try Greek yogurt. Often seen as a healthier alternative among the other creamy options, Greek yogurt can boost the moisture and sweetness in your Jiffy cornbread. You’ll have excellent results when you make it this way. You’ll want a ½-cup just like with the mayo!


Don’t Just Milk It – Buttermilk It

Now, instead of using the milk the Jiffy cornbread mix calls for on the box, swap it out with a ½-cup of buttermilk. Buttermilk will add more richness, moisture, and flavor to your finished cornbread.

Not everyone has buttermilk in the fridge, though, and if you’re not keen on running to the store for just one thing or don’t have extra money to spare, you can make it yourself. For a cup of buttermilk, mix one cup of regular milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar and stir.


Get Really Corny

Since cornbread is made with yellow cornmeal, it stands to reason that adding more corn to it can make it even better. If you prefer to pair your cornbread with savory options like a big bowl of chili for dinner, this corny suggestion will be perfect for you.

Simply take an 8-ounce can of cream corn and strain it before adding it to the mix. Don’t forget to strain it, though or else it will make everything too watery!


Make Your Jiffy Cornbread Better with Add-Ins

Now comes the really fun part. The part where you get to be creative and have fun with that cornbread. Since you know how to make your Jiffy cornbread better by making it more moist and keeping it from falling apart, this next section is devoted to all the extras you can add in to make it your own.

We know that some people prefer savory cornbread while others like things sweet. Whatever you’re into, we’ve got you covered with these add-ins for your Jiffy cornbread mix!


Add More Texture and Color

Fresh corn kernels will be a great addition to your Jiffy cornbread mix. Or you can try chopped roasted bell peppers. Pimentos and sun-dried tomatoes are other interesting ways to brighten up your creation and give a new textural element to a classic.


Heat Things Up

jalapeno peppers

And while this idea will add texture and color, it will also add spice. Jalapenos in cornbread are absolutely amazing. You can chop up fresh ones, roast them first, or even use the jarred variety (just drain them first). Adding cheese along with it (sharp cheddar works beautifully) will completely shake things up with your Jiffy cornbread.


Go Meaty

fresh cooked bacon

Meaty additions are another fun way to kick up the flavor and excitement in this cornbread mix. Cooked, crumbled bacon or breakfast sausage come to mind. If you add cheese to these, oh my! It’s going to be purely amazing!


Be Cheesy

Yes, we’ve mentioned cheese with some of these other savory ideas, but if you purely love cheese, you can make that your add-in. Cheddar is pure bliss, but if you want cheesy and spicy without chopping much up, go with some pepper jack. Monterey Jack is another more mild option to consider. Have fun with the cheeses in your fridge and see where they take you as you create a new style of cornbread from a classic mix.


Give it the Garlic

If you’re truly a savory cornbread kind of person, garlic will really take it to new heights. However, you should use roasted garlic. It’s a little milder in flavor, plus the creamier texture will help this divine creation stay moist. Roasted garlic is easy to make too. Just preheat the oven to 400F; trim the tops off whole bulbs; pop them in your muffin tin and drizzle with olive oil; cover with foil; and bake for 30 to 40 minutes.


Go Elote-Style

Love Mexican street corn? Elotes are one of the best ways to enjoy corn. You can take your boxed cornbread and give it a Mexican twist. Add corn, lime juice, taco seasoning, and queso fresco, and you’re there!


Make it Sweeter

A row of different maple syrups in decorative leaf-shaped bottles.

Yes, we’ve covered loads of savory options for how to make Jiffy cornbread better. But if you’re one that likes it sweeter, we haven’t forgotten about you. Adding just a couple of tablespoons of sugar, honey, or maple syrup to your batter will do the trick. You can also add sugar on top before you pop it into the oven.


Add Some Fruit


You can add fruit in just as easily as you can meats, cheeses, and other things. A cup of your favorite berries will make for the most blissful cornbread of all. Think blueberries, raspberries, or even strawberries. Peaches are also amazing, whether fresh or canned, as long as they are peeled.

Give it the PSL Treatment

pumpkin spice latte

And if you’re one of those people that shouts all over social media when pumpkin spice comes back around, you can give your Jiffy cornbread mix a pumpkin spice makeover. All you need is a cup of pureed pumpkin, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of nutmeg, a quarter teaspoon of ground cloves, and an additional egg.


Add a Citrus Burst

lemon zest

Citrus is well-known for brightening the flavors of pretty much everything. You can zest in oranges or lemons, along with a little of their juices, before you bake the batter.


One Final Tip: What to Serve with Your Jiffy Cornbread

A glass bowl of liquid honey.

There are so many ways to make Jiffy Cornbread better. But don’t forget how you serve it matters. With the baking tips in the beginning, you can simply serve it with honey and butter. Add jam or preserves on top, too, for another twist if you’d rather not add things to the batter. And, of course, don’t forget to serve your cornbread with your chili, soups, stews, and barbecues!




Does Dollar Tree carry Jiffy Cornbread Mix?

Yes, Dollar Tree carries Jiffy Cornbread Mix. You can find it in the baking aisle of the store.


How can I make Jiffy Cornbread moist without sour cream?

You can make Jiffy Cornbread moist without sour cream by adding some mayonnaise or Greek yogurt to the mix. You can also add some melted butter or vegetable oil to the batter to make it moist.


Best soup to pair with cornbread

Cornbread pairs well with many soups, such as chili, tomato soup, and chicken noodle soup. You can also serve cornbread with stew or gumbo.


What does cornbread taste like?

Cornbread has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor with a crumbly texture. It is made with cornmeal, flour, sugar, and other ingredients.


Can you make Jiffy cornbread without eggs?

Yes, you can make Jiffy cornbread without eggs. You can use applesauce, mashed bananas, or yogurt as an egg substitute.


Is Jiffy Cornbread gluten-free?

No, Jiffy Cornbread Mix is not gluten-free as it contains wheat flour.


Does cornbread need to be refrigerated?

Yes, you should refrigerate cornbread after it has cooled down. You can store it in an airtight container or wrap it in plastic wrap.


Can you freeze cornbread?

Yes, you can freeze cornbread. Wrap it in plastic wrap or aluminum foil and place it in a freezer-safe bag. It will last for up to 3 months in the freezer.


How to reheat cornbread

To reheat cornbread, wrap it in a damp paper towel and microwave it for 10-15 seconds. You can also warm it up in the oven at 350°F for 5-10 minutes.


How to make cornbread croutons

To make cornbread croutons, cut the cornbread into small cubes and toss them with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Bake them in the oven at 350°F for 10-15 minutes until they are crispy.


How to use leftover cornbread

You can use leftover cornbread to make cornbread stuffing, cornbread pudding, or cornbread croutons. You can also crumble it up and use it as a topping for casseroles or chili.


Is Jiffy Cornbread vegan?

No, Jiffy Cornbread Mix is not vegan, as it contains milk and eggs.


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