What Vegetables go with Salmon

salmon and vegetables

Salmon is a fresh catch for your dinner table, but it’s not complete without vegetables! Get hooked on some delicious vegetables to go with salmon so you can make the perfect fish dish!

Salmon is the perfect lean protein to include in your regular routine. It has great nutritional value and delicious flavor, but to make it into a true meal, it needs vegetables for balance. Luckily, salmon goes with so many delightful veggie flavors. Find your perfect plate with these tasty vegetables that go with salmon.


Why Salmon Needs Vegetables

Salmon brings a lot of nutritional benefits to your diet, yet it lacks a few minerals that vegetables can bring. Pairing rich and flaky salmon with the right vegetable can balance your nutrition and bring a fresh bite to your plate.


What Vegetables Go with Salmon?

cooked salmon with asparagus


Green Beans

Green beans have a wonderfully leafy and green flavor that brings out the best in salmon. Green beans have tons of vitamins C and K to balance the protein-forward salmon. Green beans are practically perfect, they don’t require much attention to cook them just right, and they taste great! This green veggie is great for all ages; even kids love them.


Mustard Greens

This leafy green vegetable looks great next to fresh salmon, and it tastes even better! Mustard greens are an American Southern staple, and they bring an excellent green flavor to any plate. Cook these fresh leafy greens in rich fat like pork or bacon fat to make them even tastier!



It’s an unexpected pairing, but tomatoes and salmon actually sing when served together. The sweetness and umami flavors in the tomato play very well against the flaky fish flavors of the salmon. Tomatoes can be prepared in so many delicious ways that there is sure to be a tomato dish that will match your salmon perfectly.



When cooked perfectly, kale is the ideal side for salmon. It is rich in vitamins C and K, so it can fill in some of the nutritional gaps salmon does cover. Kale can be bitter when raw, but it is positively delicious when cooked. Try sauteing kale in oil or fat to add richness to the flavor. You will love the taste of this leafy green with your light and fresh salmon!


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have such an eye-catching color and flavor that they can be a real highlight when paired with something delicious like salmon. The salty flavors of the fish are irresistible with the sweet flavors of potatoes. Whether they’re mashed or roasted, these roots are the perfect mate for salmon.



This mild vegetable has it all. Cauliflower can be practically anything, from a mash to fried to roasted and more; the only limit to this veggie’s potential is your imagination. Pair your favorite style of cauliflower with a salmon filet for a decadent and adult dish that will wow you with flavor and texture.



Salmon is often buttery and salty, so pairing it with something sweet like a carrot is a delicious balance. Carrots have vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, along with plenty of rich minerals. This makes them the perfect nutritional match for salmon. Plus, the bright orange hue of carrots goes wonderfully with the pink color of a great salmon. Whether you roast them, steam them, mash them, or use them raw, carrots are simply delectable.



Dill is a wonderfully fragrant herb that can add so much to a plate of salmon. While dill may be more of an herb than a true vegetable, salmon needs this herb to taste its best. Dill has an irresistibly herbaceous flavor that highlights the lean flavors in a salmon filet with such delicious flair. Cook your salmon with dill to make it taste its best.



Asparagus is a crisp stalk vegetable with a unique green flavor that is positively delicious with salmon. One great thing about asparagus and salmon is that both go well with similar sauces and seasonings. This tasty vegetable is great with a lemon butter sauce or a little hollandaise; cover the salmon in a little of these sauces, too, for a truly decadent fish dish.



Mushrooms come in many shapes and sizes, but no matter the variety, these earthy delights always taste great with salmon. Sauteed or roasted mushrooms can bring a lot of rich, umami flavor to a salmon dinner. Both salmon and mushrooms are delicious in buttery sauces, and when put together, they make a nutritional powerhouse.



The avocado’s big secret is that it is actually a fruit, but in the kitchen, it is used as a veggie. It has so much creamy richness that it balances the firmness of the fish well as well as highlights the lean flavor. Avocado is great with smoked salmon and salmon filets.



Sushi chefs know the secret to great salmon and its cucumbers! These juicy green veggies have a fresh and leafy flavor that compliments the lean salmon so well. This pairing is especially delicious with smoked salmon or raw salmon, but a cold cucumber salad will go with any tasty salmon dish.



The saying might be “meat and potatoes,” but it ought to be “fish and potatoes” because nothing tastes better than a plate of salmon and potatoes. This starchy vegetable brings a nice texture and flavor to a decadent salmon dinner. Simply boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, or even baked potatoes are all great with this fish.


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Written by Laurie Graves

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